Looking Up - 2018

As a landscape painter my primary theme is vast expansive scenes where the sky takes precedence, and this collection of paintings continues in the same vein.

Living on the coast offers infinite opportunities for sky gazing and the chance to contemplate the sublime beauty of skies. Most of these works are inspired by my daily observations from the shores of Wangetti looking back towards the mountain range, and down through Ellis Beach and Palm Cove to Clifton Beach. A few are from planes, and needless to say I love to fly!

The sky is ever present, ever changing and something we cannot control, reminding us of the impressive power and unpredictability of Mother Nature. Watching the seasons shift and change is fascinating. The build up to the wet season is particularly inspiring. Within the turbulence there is often an uneasy tension but at the same time a contradictory calm, quiet space, a suspended anticipation. It is these atmospheres I strive to capture.

The variations we see almost epitomise a range of human emotions and states, from fear, foreboding, gloom, despair, fury and rage, to calmness, quietude, peacefulness, brightness and optimism, and just like the human condition, they are constantly shifting from one extreme to the other and surprising us along the way.

Sky gazing is a great means of reflecting on life. Skies inspire wonder and awe and we’re all vulnerable to its effects.

Just Look Up! There’s so much more to life.

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